Superbowl Sunday Fun

Had a good time last night watching the football game. Football is a sport that I don’t mind watching every once in awhile. When I attended McMaster University, I used to go to the games all the time. It was a fun Saturday thing to do: eat waffles at Commons cafeteria and then go catch the game. The stadium was really small back then, so it was nice and cozy. I belonged to a ‘spirt squad’ called the Maroons and we wore (obviously) Maroon jumpsuits to various school events. Football games was one where we went as a group.  Heckling was a big part of the experience and I used to laugh my butt off.  Actually one of the players who was at McMaster at the time was Jesse Lumsden who played in the CFL, but recently retired to focus on: bobsledding.  Didn’t know he was into bobsledding until the last Olympics and recognized his name. This year McMaster managed to win the Vanier Cup, which is really really awesome. Almost every Mac grad I know had “Wooo Mac!” on their FB status.

We went to our friends house to watch the game, and only one person really watches the NFL on a regular basis, so we were just making jokes the entire time. It was fun though.  Of course we had chili for dinner (spicy but yummy), but also had many bad snacks as well.  After I fed Max I had a Mill Street Organic Lager which is actually pretty good.  Max was a super duper baby and only cried a little bit.  Of course he was fascinated with the giant screen TV….boo!

Madonna was ok. Her new song is annoying, so if she cut that out it would have been good. Fantastic set with all the lights! She took a bit of a stumble, but recovered. I just wish she didn’t lip sync so damn much. It was painfully obvious that she was once Cee-lo Green (or however you spell his name) started to sing that he was singing live and she wasn’t.

One really crappy part was watching the commercials…why? Because the Canadian commercials sucked!  They were mostly all repeats.  Only ‘Superbowl worthy’ ones were the Avengers Trailer, and the David Beckham commercial (which my husband asked “who is David Beckham”….ahhhhh!!). I had to go on the internets today to view the other commercials that aired in the States.  My favorite one is the M&M Commercial

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