Totally Thursday Man!

I love Thursdays.  It means there is one more day til Friday AND TV is great tonight: Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy.  It used to be super awesome when ER was on as well.

Due to a family thing, Paul was home in the morning today which was nice.  Before he went back to work, we stopped by The Clocktower for lunch. We haven’t been back since Max was born, as I wanted to go only if it was slow out. Afterwards Max and I headed to Old Navy to go clothes shopping as my wardrobe is severely limited due to the fact that I am too big for maternity clothes (and why would I want to wear those anyways???) but my regular clothes are too tight thanks to a few inches around my tummy still and my boobs being significantly bigger.  So I bought a few tops for myself and two outfits for Max (a batman shirt (of course) and a track and field outfit). I figured that the stuff I bought will still fit even when I start running again and lose the last 5 pounds.

What I bought

First off, I saw this brown bomber jacket that actually looks good on me. It supports the whole ‘layering’ fashion idea that works for me.

Then after trying on a few tops, I settled on these. I had a striped one a few years ago, but alas I smeared some sort of goo on it and it is ruined and now a rag

A green cardigan. Who doesn’t love cardigans.  Sweaters that I can put over another shirt are key. My other green one I have in the closet doesn’t fit very well anymore.

The one striped shirt that doesn’t look stupid on me. It sucks to have a bit of a belly as I LOVE stripes!


and finally, my one staple item at Old Navy that I pick up all the time: Tank tops. I chose plain textured long ones this time rather than the ribbed kind (yea, that sounds dirty….get your mind out of the gutter).

Completely random: But I finally found the underline option on WordPress!

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