Tuesday Baby Post

Max is sleeping on my lap right now, so I figured I have a few moments to post today.  Tonight’s dinner is in the slow cooker: new recipe of chicken pot pie. Will let you know how it turns out!

Someone posted a video on this FB Mom group that I read. It is another one of those spoofs on ‘S*** Girls Say’.  This one is ‘S*** Natural Mamas Say’.  Most of the stuff I get, but I don’t say most of it.  Only ones really are related to: cloth diapering (who knew I would be washing out crap on a daily basis), “big pharma”, pumping breast milk (I will so be pumping in a washroom or something if I go back to school in September…yay?), and my fave “We chose not to mutilate his genitals” (so said that quite a few times, and yes we chose that route).

Anyways, the parents of this video have a pretty good blog where they post videos twice a week on the newest things in Natural parenting.  Their son looks a bit like Max which is cute.

On the site they gave a list of things you can do to be a ‘crunchy’ parent. I hate the saying crunchy, so I substitute the word ‘natural’ (even though I don’t think it is the correct word because there is nothing ‘natural’ about diapers).

*Taken from: www.mamanatural.com, check it out!*

Ten steps to be all the crunchy you can be:

1. Change your diet, change your life
2. Shoot for a natural childbirth
3. (Forgive yourself if it doesn’t work out)
4. Register for natural baby products
5. Avoid circumcision
6. Cloth diaper
7. Breastfeed! (Forgive yourself if it doesn’t work out)
8. Feed your children well
9. Be intentional about vaccines
10. Stay informed and spread the word!

What do I do??

1. I do not buy frozen processed food except ice cream. It hurts me 🙁

2+3. I did want a natural birth, but once inducement came in the picture and the fact that Max was not cooperating I changed my birth plan the week before he was born. In the end I had an induced-epidural-forceps-episiotomy birth. The only thing that really pissed me off was the episiotomy, but oh well.

4. Not in to that yet.

5. No problems with Max’s peepee yet and for those who might say “what will the boys in the locker room say?’ (which is what my OB said)…all the baby boys I know that have been born in the last two years have un-touched penises.

6. Cloth diaper: We do not wash our own diapers (yay diaper service), but the service we use does it in an environmentally friendly way. They are also a family run business.  Cloth diapering is costing us about the same amount, and so far no diaper rash at all.

7. Breast feed: Doing that and will be doing that for awhile. Supplementing with some formula though still, but less than 3oz a day

8. Not feeding Max yet, but our focus will be on foods we prepare ourselves. Some things we do organic, some we don’t.

9. Vaccines: Max will be getting the standard ones (anything required by the school board and anything that P or I could bring home from a student). I am still undecided about Chicken Pox (I don’t see the big deal about chicken pox) and I do not like the flu shot (don’t get it myself).

10. Trying to stay informed as much as possible!

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  1. Kristen

    Did your OB REALLY ask you “what will the boys in the locker room say”??? Clearly I’m not a guy so I don’t know what goes on in locker rooms but to they really talk about each other’s penises? And even if they do, it isn’t like he’d be the only one.

    I loved the touch of the jar as drinking vessel in the video…

  2. rebeccaw7

    Yup, he did. I spoke to the resident first (usually got seen by a med student or resident first) and he was all “it isn’t medically necessary….this is why it would be done….these are the risks, etc” (professional advice) then in the “this is what we talked about” talk between the OB and his resident, we started talking about it again and his exact words are “you are a teacher, imagine what would be said in the locker room if your son has a non-circumcised one and the other boys do”.

    *Almost* said to him “you guys don’t really stare and talk about each others penises do you?”, but I didn’t and just laughed with that slow head shaking that says “omg, you are such a guy!”. I think that was the second funniest thing my OB said to me, first being “the first time you have sex after baby won’t be all yahoo!”


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