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Babies today have many ‘things’. I am amazed at how many outfits Max has already. For the record, I barely bought him anything except for some onesies, legging pants, and his ‘cool’ outfits (Batman outfits, robot costume and a track and field outfit). Other than clothes there are also a few other essentials and things out there that help parents out with their newborns. Today I am going to talk about what I found useful from months 0-2, which you might find useful as well.

What I almost guarantee you will use.

Note: this is excluding the very obvious car seat, stroller, diaper bag, medical kit that you will be buying regardless.

Change Table:

Now this was a debated item in my house/with other Moms.  I have found my change table very useful. Infact if you plan to use cloth diapers, I would strongly encourage you to buy at least something to hold your diaper collection. Unlike disposables that fit in a nice box that you can essentially shove anywhere, cloth diapers are much more bulky. I use a diaper service, so I have 80+ diapers to put somewhere. On top of that you also have inserts for overnights, diaper covers, wipes (for me both cloth and disposible) and all your baby skin care needs. All this needs to go somewhere! Alternatively you could use a dresser,  but I like things out in the open, and I bought my change table for $20 (thanks kijiji!!)

Max modeling his diaper cover on his change table

Bouncy Chair:

Every baby I know loves the bouncy chair. Mine was a gift, but you could easily find one used. Because newborns cannot hold themselves up yet, the bouncy chair is pretty much the next best thing to holding your baby all day.

Chillin in his bouncy chair

Some sort of Carrier:

I have a Moby Wrap. I’ve used it when we are out and about. I also have a larger carrier (Baby Hawk) for when Max is at the 15lb mark and I don’t think I will want to use the Moby as much during walks. A carrier is perfect for when you want to walk in places that you can’t really bring a stroller. Carriers are also great for walking around the house. I am suspecting that once the weather warms up, I will use the carrier for walks more often.

Activity Mat:

Great to use in order to play with your baby a bit. Newborns don’t exactly play with toys yet, but they do like to stare at things.  It also gives you an alternative to holding your baby all day + gives a place for tummy time. Again, like the bouncy chair, you can easily find a used one off of kijiji or at a garage sale.

Activity Mats are not scary, I swear!

For winter babies: Winter-appropriate clothes

Make sure to have on hand lots of: long sleeved onesies, legging-pants (not tights, but those cotton pants), and socks.  Max pretty much lives in these clothes during the day.  Short sleeved onesies are great for going underneath a sleeper, but don’t buy a ‘cutesie’ short sleeved onesie because most likely you won’t use it. Unlike the summer where babies can essentially roam free, winter is too cold. Max gets all cold and likes to be covered.

Max in a typical outfit

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