Wacky Wednesday

Actually, nothing really wacky about it today.  Max and I went to the Baby and Me movie, stopped by the school to arrange track and field, and then came home to cook dinner/watch television. Pretty average day. I do have to see about some fitness classes soon when Max is a bit bigger/able to hold his head up. I really want to get him into swimming lessons.


Six Things that I have recently seen that are Wacky

1) Yesterday I saw a man wearing these glasses (but in white) driving a car.

2) Joyful Noise Movie: What a wackadoodle movie! Waste of $10


3) Anything involving Rob Ford. Hate Hate Hate him


4) The Grey’s Anatomy Episode from last week.  Please lets not do that again!  Watching ER reruns, Grey’s is just not living up to its potential.  I would be surprised if it lasts another year

5) The episode of Big Bang Theory when Sheldon goes in to the ball pit. LMFAO

6) This:

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