3 Months!!!

Max is now three months old. Technically he is 13 weeks, but I think we go by the number date now? Not too sure….anyways, here is an update on “What Max can do”, mostly so I don’t forget! If you don’t like baby talk….move on!

Max’s Schedule is pretty consistent. He wakes up around 8:30am, goes to bed around 11pm. I think he is ready to go to bed a bit earlier though. He feeds about 7 times in a day: 8:30/11/1:30/4/6/8/10 is the average times, but they vary depending on his mood/what we are doing in the day. We spend time playing with his toys. He is really into his activity mat. Yesterday we trying out the jolly jumper for the first time. P had to drill in thicker pieces of wood because our door stops were too small.  Max sat in his jolly jumper for about 5 minutes until he got the idea. Then, like millions of other babies, he had a jolly ol’time.


Here are the milestones for a three month old and what Max can/cannot do:

What to look forward to this month:

What he should be able to do:

– Recognizes your face: I think he can….he tracks me when someone else is holding him. Last night he stared at me while eating dinner

– Holds head steady: pretty much there

– Tracks objects: getting better every week

What he will start doing:

– Squeels: Not yet, thankfully (for my ears)…but I’m guessing any day now

– Recognizes my voice: Not sure...

– Blows bubbles: He does this unintentianally…but he is trying SO hard to do a raspberry

– Mini-push up: eventually

What he might be able to do:

– Rolls Over: not quite there yet, again he hates tummy time with a passion. Tummy to back: I think he is almost there, but hasn’t done it yet

– Turns to loud noises: Been doing that for awhile. Yesterday he got pissed off at the impact drill

– Can bring hands together: already been doing that for awhile

– Bats at toys: Has been doing that for about 3 weeks now. He likes his toys now. Infact he holds them and brings them to his mouth. 

apparently next month he might be imitating sounds like baba dada….WHOA

Some pictures:

Jolly Jumper time!!

Looks like is going to punch his monkey toy

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