Monday Mayhem

Point form post since I have a ton of things to do and if Max goes to sleep soon for his nap, I’m going to attempt at going for a run, but I might leave that for afternoon nap.

– Robots weekend went ok. The team didn’t do as well as we would have liked. The robot didn’t really start preforming well until Saturday morning and by then it was too late. We still had fun though

– Time change happened yesterday. Max is fine at night (went to bed at 11pm on the dot). But he is still in his bassinet making noise, so I’m thinking the morning is now a bit wonky. He woke up at 8:45am, rather than 7:45. Also thinking that he is almost ready for longer sleeps.

– Going to try and make an eye doc’s appointment for this week. My night vision is starting to suck, which always means it is time to tweek my prescription. What kind of glasses should I get?

– Robot baby had his picture taken quite a bit this weekend.

Robot Baby!!

– March Break! We are only going to robot-related things. We were in Oshawa this weekend, and heading to Montreal Thursday night for a Friday tournament. Paul is home this week, which is weird.

– Amazing Race: Not liking this season. It is battle of the annoying!! The big brother team needs to go. A big thank you to the producers for allowing them on the show so that millions of people have to watch them.

– Max is yelling….gotta go!

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