Sunny Monday

It is March 19th in Ottawa, Ontario and it will be 24 degrees out today through to Thursday. Holy heat wave batman!  This happened when I was a kid during March Break as well and it was amazing! I went for a walk yesterday in jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt and I was actually too warm. The snow piles are almost gone as well. My backyard should be snow-free probably by tomorrow.

It was a great weekend to run. I only managed to get out once though. I did my 5K loop in the neighbourhood in about 40 minutes. Right now I am running for 5, walking for 2. It seems to be working. I am going to increase my distance slowly over time so I get to 10K by May. I think I will have to try and get one run out a week without Max though. Although hills will have a totally different workout with pushing the chariot….

Mom brain issue: I love taking public transit (that works). I hate driving in Montreal. Hate, hate, hate. Just being the passenger gets me on edge….especially when you unexpectedly drive through a protest accompanied by police in riot gear (?!?!). P was volunteering at a robotics competition this weekend. I can’t be anywhere for 8am right now, nor can Max handle sitting around a noisy stadium all day. So I said “take the car, we will come up on the metro later”.

What did I forget?

The metro is underground and requires you to walk down stairs. Something that is impossible to do with a stroller. And….I forgot my Moby as well. So Max and I walked to a baby store in the rain (woo), to get a new carrier (Beco Gemini). We then took a taxi to Uniprix stadium to get rid of the car seat/stroller. Max never got his first Metro ride 🙁  Next time!!


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