Ok, well I am not that excited it is Friday, unlike some of my friends who every Friday yell “TGIF” on FB. Friday’s are kind of meaningless when you don’t work πŸ˜‰ Plus P is going to be at the school all weekend, so it is not like Saturday and Sunday will be different from any other day. I am going out for Chinese food tomorrow…yum!

This Week:

1) Track and Field Started!

OFSAA 2011

Track and Field started this week. I look forward to this time of year. Who doesn’t love coaching this sport? This also means I need to get off my ass and start running again myself considering the 10K race is in less than 100 days…yikes!!

2) Handed in an assignment a day late…

I am doing my teaching qualification course in special education part II (2nd part of 3 courses to get specialization). It was too hard to attempt to analyze a psych assessment in a one room condo with Max freaking out, so I only got it half done on the weekend. It took me all day Monday to finally get it done πŸ™

Almost done that course! Just have to do one more assignment…

3) I won two donuts in Tim Hortons Roll up the Rim

4) I did not eat a hamburger this week. Progress!!

5) Put Max in his sleep sack versus swaddle and a blankie. Β He is becoming squirmy at night and his blankets go everywhere. He likes his sleep sack…it has robots on it.



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