Three Things Thursday!

Another super sunny and hot day. Yesterday was a bit too hot for me though. I don’t really enjoy going outside and sweating up a storm, then going into a super hot car and sweating some more. I feel the need to take showers all the time in the humid summers, so I’m not particularly enjoying this too much. My favorite temperature is around 20 degrees with no humidity.

Anyhoo….Three Things Thursday!!!

Thing 1: I need to start working out a bit more/stop eating junk food. I have three races coming up that I need to train for, especially the 10K, which will be a bit of a struggle for me. I also would like to get rid of my “pregnancy pouch” that is annoying as hell. Only way to really get rid of stomach pouches is diet and cardio-based work outs.  Cardio I am working on, but diet needs a bit of a change. I do eat reasonably healthy, but I need to cut down on carbs and stay away from the lovely drink called beer.

Thing 2: Lululemon’s revenue is up 51%. That is a lot of yoga pants!  My last pair of yoga pants that I bought there were not the greatest. They fit well, but the fabric is annoying. I do not dry them in the dryer, but I find the material super clingy and weird feeling compared to my previous pairs. Honestly, I’m digging my $18 Costco yoga pants a bit more lately…..

Thing 3: Eye Appointment today!  I haven’t seen the eye doc in a few years (since I’ve moved to Ottawa). My eyes do not like dusk/evening driving anymore, so I know it is time to get my prescription tweeked a bit.  This means I probably will get new glasses, as if I can remember correctly, my plastic ‘nerd frame’ glasses cannot have the lenses replaced?  I also need new contacts. I am thinking about just getting daily use contacts as I do not wear them regularly at all. I pretty much only wear them for sports activities. This is also the first time I am going to a completely new eye doc. I’ve had the some optometrist since I started wearing glasses back in grade four. Oh well…

K, time to get on with things….

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