Three Things Thursday

Copying from Kristen’s blog

Three Things Thursday

1) I am very scared regarding this year’s contract negotiations with teachers. If the government has their way, things will be looking even more bleak for me in terms of sticking around with teaching.  I am also sick and tired of people saying teachers have the best benefits in the world, that we go home at 3pm, and that we sit around drinking coffee during prep periods.

Anyhoo… it is time to start really thinking about another job.

2) One of our friend’s son has leukemia.  This is very depressing news. They are currently living in Panama as the Dad works at the Canadian Embassy. They are on their way home as that G can go to CHEO. A website is in the works, and I will post the link here when it is ready.

3) Went to see the movie ‘Wanderlust’ yesterday. Holy penises batman!  The movie was ok though, plot was kind of dumb. I enjoy Paul Rudd though, he is pretty funny.

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