10K Wha??

So yesterday, P was home so I was able to go on a Max-Free run. I started off at a steady pace, not too fast, not too slow. I got to the traffic lights really easily (remember 3 years ago when I could barely get there without stopping?) and proceeded down the street to the path. I figured, hey I’m feeling good, let’s keep going! I decided at the 3.5K mark to keep going to 5K and then turn around – making my run a 10K, the longest distance I’ve ever run (remember: I used to be a sprinter).

When I run I pretty much just glance at the garmin, not really paying attention too much to pace. I do check every KM to see how fast I am going. I got to the 5K mark at 33:20, which is my usual 5K slow pace (meaning I don’t go into hyper drive at the end). Thinking to myself “ok, I can probably do this in 70 minutes, maybe 75”. I kept going, as predicted KM 7 and 8 hurt a bit and I slowed down a tad. I planned on taking a few breaks, but ended up going straight minus a break at the turn around point and a few moments where I stopped to take some pictures. I figured I would take a break at certain points, but when I got to those points I just figured the heck with it and kept going. I returned to the traffic lights with 8 minutes to spare before 70 minutes. Then I realized that I could easily get this done in less than 70 as it usually takes me only 6-7 minutes to get to this point.


I did it!

So my new goal for the 10K is 65 minutes. I may have to adjust this again as I’ve been finding that I under-estimate my ability and the next time I run the same distance I kill the previous time by several minutes. However….my average pace was 6:50 and that is pretty steady for me. I may be able to get to 6:30 easily, but 6:00 will be a stretch (especially for the 10K, for the 5K I should be able to do that). Today I had the music going, but I did not do a super fast finish. There were also no lines of cheering people that keep you going hard for the last KM or two (or in Ottawa Run’s course, almost the entire thing). So we will see!

However, my knees are hurtin today. I think it is time for new shoes. I usually switch shoes every year and my orange Nikes are not doing it for me. Need my New Balance!

Scenes from a Run

10am Edit: Had some problems with my blog layout with the first version of this part of today’s post. Let’s try it again!!

I am lucky enough to live very close to a great recreational path that can take me all the way downtown. P and I regularly bike this path, and I use it for my runs. It is paved, pretty flat and has lots of pretty scenery. Here are some of the scenes of my regular running route:




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  1. Heather

    Nice job! You’ll definitely be able to do it!


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