Had a super busy week last week with track and field and then heading to Mississauga for a robot’s competition (didn’t compete, P just volunteered). Since I was in the land of Max’s grandparents, I was pretty busy the entire time.

This week is looking somewhat busy. Today I have to pick up my new glasses, run to the school to complete my track and field entries for Wednesday’s meet, do some accounting for the track team (so I can pay myself back), go pick up a kijiji-sale high chair, and then have a practice at 3:30. Somehow in between all that I also have to feed/change/play with Max, do the grocery shopping and make dinner. Yay Monday??


More Pet Peeves….

I could probably make a giant list of pet peeves just based on Mississauga traffic/suburban sprawl. I really can’t stand Mississauga (haha, and neither can my parents now). SO.MUCH.TRAFFIC.

1) Dishes left in the sink.

I don’t get this. Why pile all the dishes in the sink if you need to rinse them, put the stopper in, get soapy water going? It is also hard to wash dishes with a billion dishes in there. I prefer to leave them neatly stacked on the side, RINSED and ready to go.

2) Drivers who drive way too close to the next vehicle. Aka, how to drive in Mississauga apparently. Everyone drives so close together and ignores signals. Makes it hard to change lanes without proper planning and a little hard to avoid fender benders.

3) Cat/Dog Hair, even human hair. I don’t like it. I like kitties and doggies though! Just not their hairs…



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