Disposables vs. Cloth Diapers

I am writing this post ahead of time since I am not bring the Macbook to my parents house. I will write my 5K race report on Tuesday or Wednesday.

In discussions with my friends who have babies we have come to realize that cloth diapers are making a bit of a comeback. Before disposables were all the rage and cloth diapers were thought of as something from the past. I had cloth diapers when I was a baby! Now, it seems that almost everyone is using cloth diapers at some point. Some are using them, exclusively while some (like myself) are using a combo of the two.

What I do:

– I have a cloth diaper service provided by a family-run business here in Ottawa called Sweet Peach. They provide a very affordable and reliable service. For the fitted diapers, it costs $24.95 per week which includes diapers, soakers for long periods and bamboo cloth wipes. If you pre-pay and pre-book for a year you get a pretty good discount.  I use the cloth diapers at home and sometimes on the road if we go out somewhere quick.

– We use disposables at night since Max sleeps upwards of 10 hours at a time (don’t hate me). We have *just* started doing this in the past month because I was sick of him being literally soaked by 3am. Once I stopped the 3am feedings, we started disposables at night.

– We also use disposables when traveling and when I am out for longer stretches (for example Track practice)

Pro’s of Cloth Diapering

– No diaper rash. Max has had nothing weird on his bumbum yet.

– Cute diaper covers. Can’t wait for the summer when he gets to ‘roam free’

– I believe that my diaper service is VERY cost effective. I pay roughly $23 bucks for my service after my discount. That includes diapers and wipes. Diapers at the store are bloody expensive. So are wipes.

– Apparently it helps potty training. I will get back to you on that one. However, Max doesn’t really care if his diaper is wet or not. Some kids do mind!

– Less trash! And disposables give off a powerful smell…yuck

– Less Blow-outs. This is a ‘my opinion’ thing. I find that when Max has a super duper pooper, and is in a disposable, it gets everywhere. In the cloth diapers it seems to get contained a bit better. I have had a few incidents with the disposables, including one epic one last night where I got covered in it, as well as the bouncy chair (he was wearing a dark shirt and didn’t notice the poop stains)

– No chemicals on the diapers. There is some talk about diaper services that use harsh chemicals to wash the diapers though.

Cons of Cloth Diapers

– You have to change baby, ALOT. I change Max’s diaper once every hour. If he pee’s a few times he will start soaking through

– They don’t adjust the same way as disposables. You also really need to make sure (if you have a boy) that his peepee is pointing down….

– Cloth service: can be expensive in the long run compared to buying a lot of them yourself. Our hydro is really expensive and we had to figure how much it would cost just to launder the damn things.

– As mentioned above, the nighttime thing. This can result in more laundry. When I was doing the cloth at night thing, Max went through at least two sleepers a night. Not to mention the sleep sack reeked.

That is all I can think of for now! Obviously it is your choice on what diapers to use and every experience will be different. Just one of those things you have to consider when having a baby!


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  1. Lisa

    I use cloth diapers the exact same way as you! We use them during the day at home, but use disposables for night-time and when we’re traveling. We used cloth diapers for night-time until about a month ago when we decided that we were neither willing to have her be in a leaky diaper nor willing to change her at night.

    I own my diapers because we have laundry and water included in our rent. 🙂

    For the adjust ability – what type of covers are you using? Different covers have different fits. For instance, the Bummi’s “super lite” fit our baby really well, while the “super bright” don’t fit as well.

    But yes, great pro/con list!

    1. Rebecca

      I use Bummi’s super bright and whisper wraps, as well as some Thirsties (the ones that you can adjust two ways). I like the velcro ones the most, but have a couple of ‘snaps’ covers. I’ve also found that since we moved up a size with our service, we haven’t had as many leaks!


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