I can run long distance??

During yesterday’s long run I ran 8K. That is pretty much the longest distance I have ever run. I did it pretty slow, but managed to get it done in 55:50, which is pretty good for me since I did 7K in 52:28 on Saturday (yesterday I got to 7K in 48:30).  I think I could have pushed it to 9K, but again, I don’t want to go out too long with Max in the stroller.

I was thinking while running that this didn’t feel too bad and that I could have kept going. The first KM always kind of sucks for me, but then I feel ok. I do take walking breaks at points when I am pushing the stroller though. So many people have said that they think the 5K is harder than the 10K and I am starting to believe that!  However, this year I am taking the time to get at least 3 runs in a week.  My time has greatly improved every week. There is a chance that I could do a sub-30 for the Mother’s Day race even with pushing the chariot+Max.  By the time we get to the 10K race, I will not be dragging Max along and there is the added bonus of having people cheer you on for most of the race. I will be racing with teachers and students from my school, so there is that big of competition as well.

So with that said, I am seriously considering doing the half-marathon for the Army Run this year. I think I can do it….

Had track practice this afternoon which went well. Funny moment: some of the girls were giggling about something and then all of a sudden Max starts giggling too. So, he will be a gossiper then? 🙂


Tomorrow’s post will probably revolve around ‘how many things can you make with a roast chicken’. Yesterday and today’s lunch was chicken breast wraps! YUMMY

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