Max @ 4 months

Max is now 4 months old….yay hooray!

A few things have changed over the past month, but not as much as month 2-3. ┬áMax’s “routine” is roughly:

– Somewhere between 7:30 and 8:30: Get up, change the nappy and have breakfast (haha)

– Then we do assorted things until about 10:30-11am when he has his mid-morning snack

– We then do more assorted things until 1-2ish when he has his lunch. Sometimes if I am lucky this includes a short nap.

– After lunch we either go out to run an errand, to track practice, or go for a run

– After _____ we have our afternoon snack

– Dinner is around 7pm. Usually he goes for a nap after his dinner

– Bedtime is around 10pm.

That is pretty much it….

Max is becoming more vocal lately. I am definiely noticing the difference between a whiney cry and a “help me mommy” for real cry. He has also discovered his tongue, which caused a giggle party last weekend. He is now focused on trying to blow a raspberry, but hasn’t quite figured out that he needs to blow air in order to do that.

He hasn’t rolled over yet, but has been close. He hates tummy time with a passion, so that has been a struggle. During tummy time the other day, it appeared that he was balancing on just one hand, with everything else up in the air….looked funny!


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