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I started doing a Jillian Michaels DVD workout at home. I cancelled my gym membership for the time being and need some form of interval workout. I did week 1 of ’30 day Shred’. It was an ok workout. As I already knew, my legs were good for the workout and my abs/core were not. I used to have little problem with side-planks. Yesterday I could barely hold it. Will need to work on that for sure! ¬†Another area that needs improvement is my upper body strength. I haven’t weight-lifted in a year, so naturally my arm strength SUCKED. During my pregnancy I ran up until 5 months and rode my bike right up to 9 months, hence why my legs were good.

Max and I went for a 6K run today. It was a slow run, with my average pace around 07:30 minutes per KM. That is pretty much normal though when I am running with the chariot. Looking at my Garmin Connect analysis afterwards, I can totally tell where I stop for the stoplights. I go from my 7:30 pace to 8:00!  I felt pretty good with this run. I probably could have easily gone to 7K. I think this will be my pacing for my 10K at the end of May, but we will see!

Alright, time to cook dinner: Grilled Salmon, Baked Sweet Potato and Avacado! YUM!

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