Running Re-Cap

This week I got some decent runs in. The weather cooperated during the end of the week, which is usually when I get my runs in. Yesterday was a gorgeous day to go running.

This week’s runs:

Saturday: 7K long run with Max in tow

Sunday: Small tempo run while Max and his Daddy went on a walk

Thursday: 5K steady run. Did it way too soon after dinner and I cramped up bad. Time was ok, but I could have done better.

Friday: 7K long run with Max in tow

Today: Going to attempt going a bit faster with Max in the Chariot. Probably do a 5K with him to see how fast I can go with him at that distance. (small edit: did it in 32:55, fastest I’ve done all spring, even without the chariot…w00t w00t)

I will not be running the 10K with Max. He will be doing the 5K race with his Daddy. However, my first race of the season is a 5K and because P is busy, I will be running with Max. My time for this race last year was 32:35 and I would like to beat that. I can definitely beat that time without pushing the Chariot, but unsure whether I can do with Max. We shall see. Looking at my 7K time from last week compared to yesterday’s run, I finished a minute and a half faster. Progress!

The 10K time is a bit of a crapshoot. I am only really able to do the ‘to complete’ training schedule as it is really difficult to get out and do things like hills and tempo runs with Max. I’m hoping to cross the finish line at 01:10, but we shall see. Depending on the weather, I am going to try and run 10K tomorrow since P will be home.

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