Running update

I barely did any running last week due to being away and busy. I did manage to get a 5K run in with the Chariot in 37 minutes.  Just waiting for P to get home now so I can go on a run. Going to try a 6K today, but we will see how it goes.

It has become harder to regularly go out and run for various reasons. I am busy with my track and field team 3 afternoons a week, which is the optimal time for me to go out for a run with Max. However, since he is in the chariot or regular stroller during track, I don’t really go out for an additional run/walk with him soon after (he needs to eat is the big thing). P doesn’t get home til late, and by the time he does we need to eat dinner, clean up, feed Max, change Max and before you know it BOOM 10pm.

So…I think I will be running on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturday/Sunday. I will try (on nice days) to run to school for track, but that will just be a 2K there and 2K back kind of deal.


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