Three Things Thursday

Yay Thursday! Thursday is TV night (Grey’s and Big Bang), and I have a track meet today. I am pretty tired though. One of these days I won’t have to be ‘on-duty’ for the entire day…


Three Things Thursday!


1. Ikea Trip!  Went to the accountant to drop off some forms yesterday. He is conviently located near Ikea, so an Ikea trip was in order. I picked up a toy box for Max, in the shape of a suitcase. It is funny because we always joke around say “Max, you got to do this on your own, you are moving out next week!”. I also picked up some other things: laundry basket for Max, a toy, and some green storage boxes. There are lots of Moms and Babys at the Ikea during the day!

2. No running yet this week. It is hard to get a run in when I coach and when it is raining. Although I think the Chariot will keep out rain, I don’t want to do the 20 minute walk to school, get soaked, then coach outside for an hour, then walk back home. By the time track is over, it is past 5pm and I have to feed Max, then feed myself (aka dinner) and then feed Max his dinner. By that time it is almost dark out.  Maybe I will get to go out tonight if track finishes early or P gets home before 6pm. Just need 40 minutes…..


3. We looked at a Ford Focus and Fiesta the other day. Man have cars gotten all fancy with all these buttons! I drive a 12 year old jeep and it doesn’t have many buttons and still has a cassette player 🙂  We are not in the market to buy quite yet (Hello! I don’t have a job), but are looking at what it would cost. Looking at the cost: yikes! It will be a big adjustment to go from no car payments to having to make them!  Don’t know if I’m ready for that.


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