Why Roast Chicken Rocks

Every once and awhile we roast a chicken. Maybe once a month?  They are not too terribly expensive, taste great and you can play with assorted flavours by putting various ingredients underneath the skin or in the bird’s cavity.  But what do I like best about roast chicken:

How many different meals you can make from one bird.

The chicken we roasted on Sunday was a biggie: 7.5 pounds (or basically a newborn Max…haha I am funny). It was a chicken straight from a local chicken farmer who P works with. In fact I probably saw the chicken at one point and said it was cute. Anyhoo, the initial way we used the chicken was to roast it. You can see what I did with it in this post.

Throughout this week, I have had chicken for some sort of meal every day this week, and currently have a pot boiling in the kitchen making chicken stock.

Ways we have used the chicken:

– Roast chicken dinner (leg for me, half of a breast for P)

– Roast Chicken pasta dish on Monday (roast chicken, veggies and cream of mushroom soup over whole wheat pasta…..15 minutes to make)

– 3 roast chicken and avocado wraps for lunch

– 1 chicken pot pie (recipe is here, however I do not put it in the slow cooker at this point, just a big pot. Cook the veggies, add the chicken and cream and then follow the rest of the recipe).

– 1 chicken sandwich for P

– 1 batch of chicken stock. I could have easily made Pho stock, but I just didn’t have time to get to the Asian supermarket to get some of the ingredients that I need to make it.

– I still have half a chicken breast and the meat of the last chicken leg/thigh…..Another sandwich? Or soup…..YUM

All of these meals in one large chicken. You can’t go wrong.

However….I think I want steak for dinner tonight 🙂

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