Max @ 5 Months

Was supposed to post this yesterday, but I kinda forgot. Oppsies!

Anyways, here is a Max update at 5 months. Don’t like baby-talk? You don’t have to read 🙂



Pretty much the same as last month, except we have returned to waking up between 5am-6am for breakfast. However, this varies: today we woke up at 5am, Sunday we woke up at 7am. If he wakes up stupidly early (like today), we stay in bed for a Mommy and Max nap until 8:30 or so. He also goes to bed earlier now too: around 9pm. Yesterday he was so tired that he literally went to sleep as soon as I put him down, no giggle party required.

In terms of sleep, please don’t hate me, but he still goes to bed without much hassle. Only a few months this month did he have to actually be rocked to sleep (or something like that). Half the time he is having a freakin giggle party in bed playing with his feet or turning on his ‘fishy tv’. I can’t really explain it…..

What can Max do?

He can finally roll over, yay! He can only go from front to back. He is *this close* to doing it from back to front, but he stops himself from going all the way over. He is able to shuffle around on the ground and literally do a 360 on the floor.

Talking wise: he does make some new noises from time to time. He loves to laugh and talk to his toys. Sometimes if you are lucky, he will respond to you if you ask him something. One time the girls at track were giggling about something, and then out of the blue he starts giggling too. Super funny!

He is starting to become a little bit more shy with people. He also starts looking for me when I go out for a bit. He does recognize his Mommy and Daddy. I think he also recognizes some of the kids at school, my parents and my co-Coach. Not too sure though.

We have started feeding him some oatmeal mixed with breast milk. I don’t feed him oatmeal everyday and if I do it is only a small amount for one meal a day. All the super fun stuff comes after. I am just using store bought oatmeal for now, but once we start fruits and veg, I am making my own.

Other than that, nothing too super new this month. Coming up: crawling, sitting up on his own and starting the ‘good stuff’ in terms of solids….YAY


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