Monday Mayhem

Actually, today isn’t looking too crazy. I don’t have track entries to do today, so I am not rushed this morning. I do have track practice at 3pm and have to do some grocery shopping afterwards, but that is about it for today. It is a rest day for me, so no running. Here are some updates:

Mother’s Day

Thanks to twitter, I saw that Strathmere was having a Mother’s Day Brunch, so I booked that months ago. Oh my….was it yummy! It was very affordable and I think I ate too much. But it was really good. The weather was great so we went out a bit early to go and take some pictures. Strathmere has really nice gardens. Other than that, nothing extraordinary happened. We went for a long walk with Max in the evening as we didn’t eat dinner (I didn’t feel hungry until 10pm – ha!)


After Strathmere and visiting P’s parents, I had time for a 7K steady run. I tried to keep a 6:30 pace and I did for the most part. I did take a couple of walking breaks as I didn’t want my legs to hurt too much. I have changed the last KM of my workout so that I end up on the track down the street from my house. Because I have been feeling that I haven’t been speeding up enough at the end, I am starting to train myself to get used to speeding up for a longer distance than 200m. The last 800m of my usual run is actually uphill, which worked for my race this weekend, but Ottawa Run: it is as flat as flat can be. So yesterday I ran 800m at the end of my run at a slightly more faster pace. This week I *have* to run Tuesday and Friday at least. I may try to run Wednesday, but we will see about that.



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