National Capital Invitation Re-cap

Yesterday was the National Capital Track and Field Meet held by the Ottawa Lions. We have attended this meet every year and use it as our last ‘practice meet’ before the big ones which start up next week. Basically we test out the events students want to do and work out the kinks before it really matters. I had almost the entire team out this time (invitationals are optional and school comes first). It was an Ok-day. We had numerous top 3 finishes, but we were not exactly happy with our results.



As the Weather Network is horrible at forecasting the weather, we were unsure of what was going to happen. Of course, the worst happened and we had a rainy and cold meet. Most of us looked at the temp and though 14 degrees, that isn’t so bad. Let me tell you it felt MUCH colder than 14 degrees. Not sure if it ever went past 10 degrees. Even 10 isn’t that bad. It was the damp that really sucked. It rained pretty hard at around 3pm as well. I felt really bad for the 800m runners who were soaking wet for their races. It looks like next week we could have a sunny and warm meet….keep your fingers crossed


My Lions kids were a hit and miss. Kevin had a big PB in his 110 hurdles. He is now in the 14 second area, which if he keeps this up, will allow him to go to OFSAA. Nick tied for 1st in the High Jump. Nathan got 2nd in all his events. He was a tad bit slower and admitted to not having a good day. Alexia got 3rd in the 400m, and first in both hurdle events. Now you would think ‘yay!’, but Alexia can do better and her coach, myself and her all know that. She was 3 seconds off of her 300m Hurdle time. Again, in order to get to OFSAA you have to really push yourself. We have time though.

I know it sounds like we are being elitist or something like that, but you have to remember that my Lions kids train year round for this and have tremendous potential. We also know how competitive it gets once we get out of the city competitions. For example: Alexia ran a 50s 300m Hurdles. Although she was first by a large margin, that time would not get her to OFSAA. They know it too: it is not like we are bursting their bubble. They were not happy either! 🙂

Our 4×100 team had an OK time (50 seconds), but not great. We haven’t had much opportunity to practice and our last exchange went bad. Nick stepped on Kevin’s foot (wearing spikes…ouch) and we went from 2nd to 5th in a heartbeat. 3 of the 4 boys on the relay team are in the 11-second mark for the 100m, so we should be aiming for 45 second.  Speaking of being fast, you should have seen Stringbean (aka Nick) go…he is getting fast!

The rest of the team had an ok day. Debbie greatly improved in her hurdle events. Infact her 300m hurdles looked really good, she is finally getting the upper body portion of jumping a hurdle right, way to go! Dan did much better at the 3000m. He is totally capable of the distance (he runs half marathons and was top 30 in XCountry), we just need to work on running the race. Tyler’s 100m time is looking much better. Sarah and Debora, our exchange students, are doing great and really enjoying the experience.

Next meet: East Ottawa Conference. My prediction is that Nick, Nathan and Alexia will sweep their events….or at least that is what I am hoping!!

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