Orleans Mothers Day 5K Recap

It was a fantastic day for a run on Saturday. I headed off to the Aviation Museum here in Ottawa for Somersault’s Mother’s Day Run. Traditionally the event is held at Place d’Orleans, but was moved for logistical reasons. That kinda sucks for me, as I live literally across the fence from the starting line and the race route is my usual running route. BUT, the Aviation Museum run is familiar to me as well, since I bike ride there all the time and Emilie’s Run follows the same route. Knowing this, I knew that I would fly through the first KM, as it is very much downhill for the first 1.5KM (follows a kind of on-ramp road).

I met up with my friend from school who has also gotten back into running after having a baby almost a year ago. I said to her that I would probably zoom for the first KM, but shut it down and she would probably catch up. We positioned ourselves at the mid-point in the crowd to the side as I did have the Chariot with me. On that note: WHERE WERE THE OTHER STROLLERS? Last year there were tons…this year I was the only one. Not like I didn’t see tons of Chariots and BOB’s…they were there! Just not racing. This is one of the few races where it is totally A-OK to bring baby-tot around.

So the gun went and I started down the small hill. Benefits of running with chariot: Downhills are super fun and fast. I did the first KM in 5:20, and then ‘shut it down’ at the 1.5 mark once the road leveled out. I completed KM 2 in 5:52 which is more of my pace. I felt really good at this portion of the race as the road was nice and flat. No sidewalk bumps here. I saw the turn-around and water station and booked it around the corner. It took some maneuvering to not run into people. I think I clipped one lady’s shoe though…oppsies. Took a cup of water and slowed to a walk just to get a few gulps down and off I went again. Looking at my watch, I was just over 14 minutes and thought, hmm chariot PB is probably going to happen (under 32:55). The next two KM’s were at 6:27 and 6:28 as I slowed it right down to my average Chariot pace. I also started experiencing some wind: con of chariot; WIND SUCKS. I ended up tailing behind this group of soccer girls and their coach who were going at a decent pace.

The last KM was a bit brutal. So you know how the first KM was down…well I had to go up half of that hill. Not fun with the chariot! Not only did I have wind, but I had to push the stroller + 14 lbs of baby. My friend caught up to me at this point as well and we had a quick chat. We ran together for the last KM until she reached ahead a bit. I also started following these two other ladies as well and made myself keep up with them. At this point, I looked at my watch and figured I wouldn’t get a sub-30, but would for sure hit my chariot PB even if I slowed down to crawl, but I kept going. I caught back up with my friend and started to do the finishing ‘square’ around the parking lot. As soon as I hit the parking lot, I booked it. I had no idea what my time was and when I turned to the finish chute, I saw 29:50. So I booked it more. I may have almost taken out a guy and almost flipped the chariot….opps.

As I approaching the finish the annoucer goes “heeeyy, that baby doesn’t have a bib!” Funny! My finishing time:


SUB-30 FOR THE WIN!!!! (ok, I didn’t win…but still)

My friend finished at 30:08 which is really good for her first race back! We got our bananas and water and then walked back to the cars.

I come back to this course at the end of June. I will be aiming for a big PB at this one. I really think I can go a bit faster as I wasn’t too terribly tired at the end. Because I will not be pushing the chariot, I won’t be ‘banking time’ to get through KM’s 3&4 (especially 4). I also need to start booking it a bit faster as I could have held that 3:45 pace for a bit longer. I usually start picking it up at 800m to go, so I need to try and do that again, not picking it up at 300m to go.



Next Race in two weeks: Ottawa Run Weekend 10K

Goal: I’m going to chase that 60 minute pace bunny.

I am feeling pretty good at the 6:00 pace time. However, I NEED to do some more long runs in the next two weeks. Tomorrow it is looking like I will only have time for maybe a speed workout in the morning, but I might scratch that and do a long run in the evening.


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  1. Kristen

    Congratulations! That’s awesome!
    I remember that uphill from Emilie’s run. It is just enough of an incline to kill you – especially at that point in a 5K.

    1. Rebecca

      Thanks 🙂

      Yup, that wee lil hill sucks. Luckily I know that hill well so I was prepared for it. One 10-yr old started crying at that point and another older guy saw me passing him and said ‘I’m not letting the baby beat me!”…funny!

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