Race Re-cap: Ottawa Race Weekend 10K


Well, I did it!  Yesterday evening was the 5K and 10K races that are part of the Ottawa Race Weekend. I completed the 10K and Max/Daddy completed the 5K. We had a bunch of kids from the school run, along with some staff. I think the kids had fun, and I’m hoping that the staff who were new to the race had fun too.

Here is my re-cap of the event:

Taking the OCTranspo


Totally packed bus and I had Max in the stroller (he is a bit too fidgity for the carrier for long periods of wearing). I get on the bus in Orleans, so the first part wasn’t so crowded. Once we hit St. Laurent, the bus was filled. I was very nervous about getting off at Rideau, but luckily some people helped us off the bus.


Missed it this year 🙁  We were just about to head up when P called to say he was on his way. His ‘secret parking spot’ was a good 15 minute walk away, so we had to turn around and go back outside.

The Sea of chariots

Lots of chariot strollers around!. Quite a few ran the 2K and 5K races. I even saw 2 brave souls run the 10K with a stroller! The only thing was getting through the massive crowds was a bit of a pain with the chariot.

Also, when P was racing someone made a comment to P about ‘not agreeing’ with the use of chariots in the 5K. I don’t see what the big problem is. P and my friends husband both had chariots (plus my friends other kid who was going to run part of the 5K) and they stayed way back of the mass start. They were in nobody’s way. Not like they were attempted to go in the fast section. Plus if you are going to complain about chariots, why don’t you complain against walkers, people who do 10-1’s, people who are not rake-thin and every other obstacle in the way. Plus, P was passing people who were walking.  If I can do a sub-30 with a chariot/not stopping I don’t think I am in your way at all. I think it is great that all these families are running together and staying active. I don’t think one of the parents should have to sit a race out just because they have kids. /end rant


Holy mother….The crowds seemed super intense this year! Just trying to get in and out of Confederation Park was a nightmare. I stayed out of there, and instead picked a shady spot under a tree to people-watch/wait for P/M just at the beginning of the Laurier St. Bridge. I think the crowds were about the same as last year, I am just a bit more aware of it now since we have the huge jogging stroller to navigate. I did find that having the mass start form on Laurier St. was much better than the Elgin Street Start. I did not feel so squished/hot this time.

The Race

Ok ok, the good stuff:

My leg had been hurting a bit in the afternoon, so I wasn’t ready to push it. I also have been slacking in the training department because I’ve been a bit busy with the track team (only so many hours in the day). Although I can do a ‘full-out’ 5K, I am not ready to race a 10K. If I did my usual 5:50-6:00 race pace, I would have died out at 6-7K. I am simply not ready for it. So I lined up with the 60 minute people (mostly because my friends were there) and decided to just run.

I could barely here the start horn go off, and it took us forever to get to the timing mats (5 minutes according to the gun/chip time). I started off fairly slow. We passed all the fast food/diner places on Elgin and I yelled to a couple of my friends “who wants to ditch this and go to Harvey’s?”. Hehe. We passed by P and M who said “Go Rebecca Go” or something to that liking. Elgin Street came and went and I was feeling pretty comfortable in my 6:20 pace.

At this point I started to lose sight of my CW friends, but that was ok. I am used to running on my own, and I like to people watch. After going under the 417 we hit the canal. What a beautiful location for a race! I really enjoyed looking around. Km 2 and 3 went by, and I started to slow down a bit. Some guy also tripped and almost crashed into me and two other runners. I was also watching the elites go by, which was really cool. My gosh do they go fast! I got a look at Geoffrey Mutai too. Someone yelled “Hey guys, there go the elites!”. Pretty cool!

I was starting to get thirsty and the water station wasn’t until KM 4. When the 4K sign was seen I could hear a few people go “where the heck is the water station!” So I wasn’t the only thirsty one 😉 I was also heating up at that point. When I got to the water station I grabbed one cup and poured it over me, then grabbed two more to drink. I slowed down just for about 30s to get my water down and set off again. I almost always speed walk the water stations as I feel like I am going to up-chuck the water if I bounce around too much.

After the water station, just before the 5K is a very short hill that leads the race onto Bronson. I didn’t stop and climbed that hill with no issues. I really liked the music station right before that hill! We then headed down the on-ramp back off Bronson to Colonel By Drive. One of my little blimps in the higher zone for speed was at this point. Colonel By was nice, lots of cheering people, including tons of kids who had their hands out for high-5’s. I think I high-5’d at least 20 kids. I then passed “The Shoe” and yes I touched the shoe. Can someone explain this to me?  Is it just a race tradition? Close the the shoe I saw one girl who was lying down collapsed. I did do a double check to make sure it wasn’t one of my kids, and then kept going.

As I predicted, KM 7 and 8 were a bit slow. I really could have used that 7.5K water station a bit earlier. I saw the 65m pace bunny go by and tried to keep sight of it. It wasn’t my legs or breathing that were the issue: it was my back. I have a bit of a tight spot from lifting Max’s car seat, and at this point it started to hurt pretty bad. I took a couple of very short walking breaks to stretch it out. My left ankle also started to hurt a bit, as I think I am getting a bit of achilles tendinitis (mental note: go get fitted for shoes).

I got the 7.5K station and grabbed another 2 cups. At this point I heard “Hey Ms. W!” and saw Alexia run by. Was happy to see her there, since she was on pace for a 65 time, which is where I asked her to be (she can do a sub-50). I tried catching up to her, but said nahhh.

Went back under the 417 and took another quick break under the bridge to stretch out again. I saw one of my bus-buddies from earlier which was kind of cool. I turned onto Argyle and was very surprised to see two of my friends who I thought were long-gone. I yelled at them to keep going as we were almost there. At this point I got a bit more pumped up, and started to run back at the 6:20 pace for the last KM. I saw my friend, Hose Man, got soaked and kept going. I saw all the 800-550-400m signs and finally saw the finish line. Crossed the finish line and tada, I was done!


Unlike previous races where I was out of breath when I finished, this time I just strolled to the water/medal tables. I really took it easy for this race and just enjoyed it. Because I have not run a 10K race before, I wasn’t sure how it would go and didn’t want to feel like crap at the 7K mark. I am only sore in my left ankle and felt like I could run a bit farther if I wanted to. I think I can do a half-marathon if I train for it!

I also think that my training is getting a bit better. Splitting the race into two, I had 34m 5K, which I have done before in a race situation. With those races I felt super tired afterwards and felt like I didn’t run a good race. This time I was very comfortable (minus being thirsty and wishing I had a burger in my hand). So…training works!

I am not a big fan of the 6:30 start time. It was really hard to judge when I should have had my lunch. 6:30 is my dinner time and I started to get hungry at 7pm, even though I had snacks before the race.

Overall I had a good race and definitely will do it again. I am finding that 5K’s are a bit too short now, and thinking that I will make the 10K my race from now on (except for Emilies Run, since it is only 5K).

Time: 1:08:29. (I did do an extra 150m…not sure how that happened)

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  1. steve wemyss

    way to go
    great reporting of the race
    ozzie would only last about 100 metres and say the hell with this

  2. Kristen

    Congratulations on a great run!

    EVERY darn time I have run this race I have thought “that first water station isn’t soon enough – need to bring my own little bottle” and EVERY darn time I don’t listen to my own advice. That first water station takes FOREVER to come.

    I saw some unfortunate and unexpected carnage on the roads as well. It was decently hot – but I wasn’t expecting to see an ambulance. It was a little freaky!

    1. Rebecca

      The water situation definitely sucked the big one. If I wasn’t so damn thirsty, I could have gone faster (and I had lots of water before the race too!). The 5K race had the same 4K to the water station idea. But that is just stupid in my opinion. I like my water at the 2.5-3K mark for a 5K.

      It was pretty hot. Luckily I made the decision to wear my track uniform because I was sweating buckets! Not too surprised there was an ambulance though…it happens, especially with the bigger races. I always worry a bit when people don’t eat or drink enough before a race


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