Storms and Shoes

Yesterday I was going to go to the passport office to hand in the forms for Max’s first passport, but I kinda forgot to get P to sign the back of the photos….whoops. So instead I decided to head to The Running Room to get some new runnin’ shoes.

As I pretty much figured, I am an over-pronator and need shoes with some stability. So I tried on a few pairs of shoes, but I do have a tendency to hover towards New Balance Shoes. So, my newest pair are 860’s:

I also picked up some inserts to put into my shoes to help a bit more with my foot. After Maxy went to bed, I did the whole stick in the oven and wear them bit. I am not going to be testing out the shoes for another week or so though. Maybe I will run on the weekend….maybe not. Emilie’s Run will be here before I know it though….

Putting in the new insoles


When I was shopping I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some formula. I knew it was going to rain at some point during the day, so I checked the weather radar before heading into the store and saw that there was nothing on the way yet, but some clouds were building in the Perth area. After being in the grocery store for all of 10 minutes, I headed back out and saw this weird looking cloud forming just to the west (downtown area). I then saw on twitter that there was a pop-up thunderstorm happening downtown with crazy forked lightning and lots of rain. Looked again at the radar and boom, there was a cell forming right over downtown! So I packed Max up and headed home. When I was at the grocery store it was super sunny, by the time I got home all of 10 minutes later – it was dark and starting to rain.

I passed so many people on the way back who were on walks sans umbrella. I felt bad for them as I knew they were going to get soaked. This wasn’t really a storm that you could see coming your way and had a bit of warning. It literally popped out of nowhere (hence the term ‘pop-up thunderstorm’). This happens quite a bit in Ottawa and I’m not sure why. Even the storms that happened the night before at 3am were storms that popped up over Orleans.

Anyhoo, the storm came and went with lots of rain and thunder. Couple of close strikes around here that made me jump – but Max stayed napping….


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