6 Months!

Max is 6 months old today – has that time gone by fast or what? Lot’s of changes this month as he progresses from newborn/young baby to a more advance baby who can do a whole lot more (and also needs lots of attention!) Although there wasn’t much difference between month 4 and 5, he is definitely a different baby now.


Max is in a bit of a growth spurt stage – so he is getting up extra early these days. He is up anytime between 5am and 7am, with the average time being 6am. It isn’t too bad since the sun is up, but some days it is difficult. He sometimes goes for another nap right after a diaper change and feeding, and then some days he likes to play.

He takes 2-3 naps per day. One in the late morning and afternoon for sure, sometimes one in the evening or in the early morning, but these are not givens. Naps range from 15 minutes to 2 hours on some days (I am hoping that I am getting a 2 hr nap in right now)

He basically does the following: eat-play-sleep. His awake time is about 2-3 hrs.  He is generally in bed by 9pm at the latest, but anytime after 8pm.


Again, because we are on a growth spurt, his feeding schedule this week has been altered a bit because he is a hungry boy. In fact, over the past two nights I’ve done a night feeding because he wakes up and is hungry. I haven’t had to do that in a very long time! He roughly has Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, with two ‘snacks’ and his night-night feeding. He is still half/half in terms of bottle vs. BF, but that will be changing a bit as I get ready to go back to work (basically morning will have a bottle now).

We have started with solids. So far Max has tried: oatmeal, banana, avocado and sweet potato. He liked everything but the avocado (which I think was a texture thing). He gets a small amount of food during lunch and it is more experimental than anything.

What can he do?

– He can roll over now. Actually, he thinks it is fun and does it all the time now, including bedtime. Right now he is napping, and he is on his belly. I fought with him for over an hour to nap this morning (he had a bad night and is over-tired).

– He is somewhat on the move – He can pivot and shuffle. He isn’t crawling yet, but he does not stay in the same spot. The other day he ended up halfway underneath the couch.

– He likes to babble and ‘sing’. It is pretty amusing

– He is skilled at grabbing stuff – my glasses, my hair, the remote, the computer, the iPhone, my water glass….etc, etc.

– He can sit up by himself for awhile. I have to put him in that position and sit close by (he tumbles). But he likes to play with his toys this way.


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