After three long days – track is finally over! We had a fantastic season, ending with a great time at OFSAA Brockville. All that is left of my coaching season is Athletic Banquet tomorrow, and Coaches Banquet (which is board-wide) on Thursday. This season went by incredibly fast – and it went by without too many hiccups from Max, yay!

OFSAA Day 1 

We left at lunch to go see Nick at the long jump. We were pleasantly surprised with an almost empty parking lot. I heard lots of other people were parking at the mall or on the street. Rather than fight for parking and parallel parking a large car that wasn’t mine – I just drove to the official parking lot. It had about a 5-10 minute walk with it, but that was fine with us!

When we got there we registered and headed to the apparel line-up as we literally got there early enough to try and get our choice of clothes. Oh my, was that line large! It took us about 2 hrs to get through the line, the worst I have ever seen it! In the line we were checking out what was coming out. The were girls and guys hoodies (Alexia and I both got a large girls – and we are not big people!) and really nice t-shirts in great colours. Of course we got all excited about the t-shirts. I didn’t go in the store because I had Max in the Chariot, so Alexia took all the money and went to pick up things for the team. She came back and said that the girls t-shirts were sold out in mediums and larges (they are girls fit and the XS is literally for children). BOO!

Nick didn’t do so hot in the long jump and was a bit disappointed. However, this event is not the one he trains for, so he wasn’t too terribly disappointed.

Day 2

We left stupidly early (6:45am) on Friday to get Alexia there on time. We made excellent time as traffic doesn’t start in Ottawa until 7:30. Nathan and I took all of our stuff and set up just beside the stands as the Chariot could not go in the stands (duh). We met up with Alexia’s Mom, and our ‘cheering squad’ of Jaimee and Leah (btw, they should have been parent approved away from school CW staff….). Alexia and Kevin had their sprint hurdles, and we knew that the races would be fast – especially since Alexia was running against last year’s Gold medalist). They both PB’d in their races, but did not make the finals. Kevin was a bit more disappointed as he came in 9th – one spot away from finals. But as I pointed out – last year he didn’t make OFSAA by one spot, which is 100x worse

Afterwards was Nathan in the 100m. He as well PB’d, but did not make the finals. He came in 15th overall. The 100m is really really competitive! He was totally happy just to have had a good race and to PB. I should also note that our ‘cheering squad’ (which now included Nathan’s family) was the loudest one 😀

We watched some more races – and then at the ‘track break’ decided to head to the McD’s for lunch. Holy zoo batman! It was absolutely crazy in there. I saw some locals who were trying to have a ‘kids outing’ in the play area, but oh my….I would have just packed it up and headed 10KM away from there. It calmed down eventually and I asked the counter lady (they are all older ladies) if she was having fun and she laughed and said “I haven’t had this much fun since my last root canal!” LOOOL.

We went back to watch the opening ceremonies (which included a cannon – YEAHHH) and the sprint hurdle finals. Alexia’s mom drove the kids home and Max and I headed to the Starbucks for some frappacino.

Day 3

We didn’t have to head out as early. Only Nathan was racing, but I convinced Alexia and Jaimee to join us for the day (which now I am really glad I did…as explained below). We made even better time and got there in only about an hour. We did miss the girl’s 300m hurdles, but did get to catch the boys. I did not bring Max, so it was nice to actually get to watch the races that day! We saw the 800m races go by before Nathan’s 200m.

So Nathan’s race was on – and he came in 3rd with a PB. How OFSAA works is there is 3 heats – top 2 go on, followed by the next 2 fastest times. As soon as he finished – Kevin (who was watching from home), texts me saying “I think finals!!!”. We then went on our phones to hit refresh 500x to get the live results from Ottawa Lions. That didn’t work. We finally heard the announcements that he was in!! Of course we seemed to be the only people cheering :-). So Nathan and his parents went in search of food and AC/shade while we stayed to watch the hurdle finals and 3000m races.

We went back to McD’s after for some lunch and A/C and then back to the track. It was really hot in the stands, and a big thank you to McD’s for putting up with us! The OFSAA Clothing people also had more t-shirts (but only in red – not the nice aqua blue, darn!), so I picked some up for myself and Kevin.

Nathan ran a great race – and came in 8th. Unfortunately that was his last race as a CW Wildcat, as his family is moving to my old neck of the woods in the summer. We do look forward to seeing Nathan at OFSAA next year!

We had a good time at OFSAA. It was different this year since we did not have to stay overnight – but we still had a great time.


Nathan – 100m, 15th overall – 200m, 8th overall

Kevin – 110m Hurdles – 9th overall

Alexia – 80m Hurdles – 11th overall

Nick – Long Jump – 24th overall



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