Race Re-cap: Emilie’s Run

Emilie’s Run is a women’s only run in Ottawa, held in June at the Aviation Museum. The race is named after  Canadian Marathon Olympian, Emilie Mondor who tragically died in a car accident in 2006. It is a fast-race with cash prizes. Some big names have run this race, including Tara Quinn-Smith (whose record was beaten yesterday by Mary Davies). As mentioned, it is a women’s only race….except yesterday as Max “raced” too, haha.

So, I wasn’t too sure whether I was going to make it to the race or not. We ended up renting a car so I would have a way of getting to the race with Max (if Max wasn’t with me, I could have easily biked down). Having Max in the Chariot was not what I was planning on, and since I haven’t been running much, and definitely not much with Max, I knew I wouldn’t be PBing. Max is now 15+ pounds and with the chariot…I’m pushing 20lbs at least. Also, because of the nature of this race, I had to be in the back of the pack. Normally I stand close to the front for this race.

So I got to the Aviation Museum in plenty of time. I had to pick up my bib number and t-shirt. This time the race kit came with goodies, including a Camino chocolate bar and Werther’s Original chocolate caramels (my fave of the Werther’s brand). The t-shirts this year were white, pink and blue (better than the yellow last year). That all happened fairly quickly, so I had enough time to feed Max and sit in the shade while waiting. I ate a Cliff’s energy bar (Mint Chocolate, yum!) and drank some water. I then went to investigate the washroom situation, and after that promptly turned around as there was a massive line.

When it got close to race-time I headed up the hill to the start line. So much fun with the chariot! I got Max somewhat settled (he loves to pull the stupid UV shade on his chariot). I stood waaaaaay in the back with some of the walkers/slower runners. The main pack of runners was just way too squished. Plus, Once the race gets going, I find it difficult to not run into peoples feet 🙂

The gun went off and we were outta there pretty fast, unlike the bigger races where you spend 5 minutes walking to the start. Only took me about 3 seconds to get to the start. I did wear my Garmin watch this time, but I turned it around so I couldn’t see the pace times. I only glanced at it during the KM markings. I ended up doing something to it that turned off the time-counter, so I really didn’t know my exact time until the end, but I knew a rough idea due to my KM times.

The first KM for me was pretty slow for this race. I was definitely lagging behind with the slower group. Last race, I flew down the hill with Max, this time I couldn’t really do that. I did start moving past some people though. First KM was easy and was done in 6:15, almost a whole minute slower than my 5:20 first KM in the Mother’s day race. I thought to myself ‘oh well’ and just trucked on.

The next KM, the sun was bearing on me and I started to get a little overheated. I did have a couple of conversations with people, mostly about the chariot. Max was up and just looking around. I saw the lead girls whiz by at one point, including a 13-year old girl! Some other people yelled at me ‘go mama!’ at some point. I got through KM 2 in 6:20. I go to the water station/turn around point and quickly dumped some water on my head. When I turned around, I grabbed another water to drink. I did not stop this time for water and just kept going. My legs were feeling fine (yay no more shin splints – thanks new shoes). However, just before the 3K marker I had to do a full-on dead stop and adjust Max. He started whining and that UV screen was literally on top of him. I had to stop for about 40 odd seconds there (KM 3 was 6:56). Boourns!

After stopping, this group of ladies who I passed earlier had gone past me. I spend KM 3-4 catching up to them, and finally doing so just before the 4K marker. My goal was to not let them pass me. KM 3 is slightly downhill so I started to pick it up a bit. I did take a very short walking break (about 40 seconds) at one point to catch my breath.  I did KM 4 in 6:33. KM 5 was pretty quick. I took another short break (another 40 seconds)just before the short incline that I knew was coming up. If I didn’t have the chariot, it wouldn’t have been an issue – but pushing the chariot sucks hardcore.The first 2.5 KM of this route is downhill…and since it was an out and back race, you have to go back up it.

I charged up the hill and then decided to pick out some runners to pass them. There was this one lady who I’m pretty sure said to herself around KM 2 “I’m not letting baby pass me!” and zoomed away from me. I ended up passing her and a few others. I was trying to catch this lady in baby pink, but she was just about out of reach. I finished the last KM in 6:16.

I finished the race in 32:35 Garmin time, but 32:46 race time. That is a quick steady run pace for me. Normally I do my 5K steady runs with the chariot between 33-34 minutes. Not bad, considering that I had only gone out running a handful of times after my 10K.

My goal was to simply pass as many people as I could. I started in the back with maybe 20-30 people behind me, and according to results – I passed about 70 more people. I wasn’t tired after the race (ok – I was at the finish line…but not after) nor was I sore or anything during the rest of the day. I had zero problems with my shins and only a bit of tightness in my ankle. I think the big goal for my half-marathon training will to take it slow. I’m not running the half to PB/race, I’m running for completion! I really need to look at my pacing time and do some slow runs 🙂

So when looking up Emilie’s last name, I noticed that the Ottawa Citizen had some pictures up from the race. Well it seems that the chariot got a little attention, and I am in one of the pictures. Take a looksie at the pictures via this link:


(ha, you can just see the lady that tried to not let me pass her behind me)

Next race is the Warrior Dash – Which is just for fun!

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