Sunday Feast

On Sunday I went a little crazy with making dinner. I had a bit of a craving for those fresh salad-spring rolls, so I decided to attempt making them. We also planned on having burgers on the grill. In getting stuff ready for dinner, I also figured; hey lets make a potato salad too!

Our Dinner on Sunday

Note: We did not eat all those rolls, and barely made a dent in the salad. By the time I load up my burg with tomatoes, pickles, onions and everything else I rarely have room for more 🙂


Plain jane with: Worcestershire sauce, onion and salt/pepper

Potato Salad:

Red Potatoes, Mayo, Onions, Cucumber, Seed Mustard, tad bit of Curry powder and salt/pepper

Salad Wraps:

Rice Paper Wraps, rice noodles, lettuce, basil/mint and shrimp

**Note that the wraps do not store very well. You have to pretty much finish them up in 24 hours. If anyone has a secret to keeping the wrap part of the roll fresh let me know (we already tried saranwrap).


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