The attraction of Mommy-blogs

Yesterday I was cruising around Facebook and pretty much realizing that I do not really use it the way that I used to use it back when Facebook first started. I barely post anything nowadays except the occasional bit about running, maybe sharing a funny photo and posting the occasional Max picture. What I do use it for are the discussion groups. Primarily the ones I use are related to teaching and babies. The ‘Babies of 2011’ has been a great resource to ask other new Mom’s about things and discuss experiences. Topics of interest that keep popping up are breast-feeding, starting solids, weird poop colours, change in behaviours (especially sleeping) and the sharing of resources like lactation¬†consultants, sleep doulas and that sort of thing.

It could be around 2am and you might ask a question – odds are, someone might answer as you probably are not the only one up!

Mommy-blogs are something a little different though. This blog isn’t too ‘Mommy-oriented’ as I feel like I don’t have too much to say about the whole thing. I just post the occasional update because there are some people interested, but more importantly I am writing things down! When you have a baby you think you will remember everything – well, you don’t! Plus, babies change so fast that it is really neat to read about what poopy-face was doing at 8 weeks.

I have about 15 or so blogs on my ‘reader list’, almost all revolve around fitness/running and parenting stuff. A few have the same kind of focus that I have: running and parenting. It has been really great to be able to read other people’s experiences with their babies who are roughly the same age as Max. Heather’s Zoey is 2 months older than Max, and through her posts/tweets I can see what to look forward to in the future. Fitnessista, and Runner’s Trials babies are very close to Max’s age. I think Runner’s Trials had the same due-date that I had, and Fitnessista’s Livi shares a birthday with the world’s coolest person (me! hehe). Both have blogged about their struggles, and offered suggestions/insight based on their experiences. Fitnessista (obviously) shares fitness information – but she also posts food posts and some of her food ideas have made me drool on more than one occasion.

There are also Mommy blogs that share information or review products. Personally, I am not really into the whole product review blogs, but I like the information sharing (there is a difference). A Little bit of Momsense is a great ‘info sharing’ blog, and the big thing for me is that Rebecca is from Ottawa (actually I think she lives literally 5 minutes away from me). It has been great to get some information about local ‘things to do’

Then there is the ‘funny blogs’. The biggest one to hit the blogosphere is Honest Toddler. If you have a young baby/toddler you NEED to check out the blog, but more importantly the twitter feed. Absolutely¬†hilarious!

Those are the blogs I am for sure checking out almost daily. You should browse them if interested! I know I have enjoyed reading them and feel as if I have some internet-friends out there.

This cracks me up


Today is commencement day – Congrats to the Grads of 2012!

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  1. dkzody

    This grandma has enjoyed reading some of the mommy “antics” on the blogs and twitter feed. Motherhood is a lot different than when I was raising our daughter, but with many similarities. Trust me, the kid wins in the end.

    1. Rebecca

      oh for sure! From what I’ve heard – there are some many more ‘things’ out there for baby and mom.


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