Adventures with Solid Foods

Max is almost 7 months old and is fully into the ‘starting solids’ stage. It took awhile but I think he finally understands what that mush I’m shoving into his mouth is all about and now gets excited when he sees a bowl coming. He is also opening his mouth and finishing his bowl of veggies and fruit.

So far he has tried the following:

– Butternut Squash

– Creamed Corn

– Oatmeal

– Pears

– Peaches

– Green Peas

– Carrots

– Sweet Potatoes

– Green Peas

– Strawberries

– Bananas

– Watermelon

– Avocado


He hasn’t tried any meat yet. That will come in a few weeks I think. So far he is only on one meal a day (lunch) and has a veg and a fruit. Because I’m a little scared of choking, Max hasn’t really fed himself yet. He has played with his food, but no bringing up his hand to his mouth yet. He did have a piece of water melon through that mesh-food holder that babies love. He was totally sucking back the juices like no tomorrow. It is a really messy thing to eat though!!












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