Back to Work….

Today is the first day of Summer School.

Which means….back to work for me!

I’m pretty prepared this year for the hectic mess that is teaching a whole course in 18 days (which is actually more like 16 with exams and mark review day). I have enough material to get through the month, and I start with Careers first. I have enough resources to stretch that half credit course to a whole semester. Actually, I kind of wish that it was a full-course. I still have lots of work to do. I have to mark 10 assignments, plus two tests, two summatives and 1 exam – 30ish sets of each…all within these three weeks. I do not get prep time, so it has to be done at home. As mentioned, I have the lessons done, but planning the day doesn’t happen until the last minute. I have to book time in the computer lab – and that kind of sets how my course goes, especially careers which is VERY computer dependent. I’m hoping to luck out with students bringing their own tech devices. Along with my Macbook and iPad, a few other laptops/tablets means that we can do some group-work (we have wireless now – THANK GOODNESS).


Also, I have to update my course website daily – with the day’s plan/homework as well as posting PPT’s and assignments. The site has already been designed, so luckily it is just updating this year!

Max is at home with my Mom. We will see how this goes. Honestly I don’t think he cares as long as he has his toys and food. My commute has been extended from 5 minutes to a whole 10 minutes (if that…). Woo, going to be beat after that 😉

I may not post every weekday, but I will try!

Have a good 4th of July to my American friends 🙂


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