Dirty Classrooms

I would not say that I am a neat/clean freak but there are certain times that I like a clean area – work is one of them. I don’t know if it because I have been out of a school for 6 months or that this school is just a bit more dirty than my usual one – but it is kinda of grossing me out how much dirt and yuck is surrounding me. Actually, one of my students just came in and said “why is this Starbucks coffee still here?”…it has been sitting on the shelf for a week.

There have been a few other things bothering me – most of which involve the computers. I do bring my own computer to school as I am not the biggest fan of school PC’s (I am currently cursing at the school computer because it is being slow and stupid). When I do have to use a school computer, it really grosses me out when there is caked on finger-dirt all over the keyboards and mouse. I’ve seen dirtiness on every single computer. I keep forgetting to bring some of those Lysol wipes to wipe down the computer.

Another thing is the computer labs. When you open up the room you get this scent of dirty carpet and dust. It can be very over-whelming. It just smells like yuck. Wondering when the last time the carpets were actually cleaned….

At my former school someone once commented at a staff meeting that the entire school just needed to be power-washed and disinfected. I would tend to agree with that. Another problem is that (apparently) we are not supposed to bring in our own cleaning supplies, we have to ask the janitor for something (due to WHMIS and other health and safety concerns). Right now I am just washing my hands a lot and using my own computer when I can.


Now where is my Purell?

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