Pre-Race: Warrior Dash

Tomorrow, both P and I are running the Warrior Dash in Barrie. If you don’t know what that race means – in a basic sense it is a approx. 5.5K race involving a series of obstacles. Obstacles include jumping over fire, flying down a muddy ski hill, and leaping over wooden structures. The race is being held at Horseshoe Valley, a Barrie-area ski hill. A similar race is the Spartan Race

We wanted to do this race last year, but being 6 months pregnant meant a no-go. When we saw that it was coming to Ontario again, we quickly signed up for Saturday. The race runs in waves in order to keep the crowds down, so we are running at 1:30pm.

The race is also different because other than the standard medal and t-shirt, you also get a Warrior Hat and a beer at the end of the race. Super cool!  The price to enter was very reasonable compared to my other races.

I’m not too sure what to expect for this race, so the plan is to just have fun and get muddy! I am a bit worried that the fire element will be cancelled due to the drought conditions currently being experience across Ontario, but we will see. I am also wondering if there is a bag check, because this is a race where you don’t bring anything that you don’t want to get muddy – and we will have car keys + we need our ID to pick up our packs. I’m pretty sure there will be. Parking is supposed to be insane and we need to park off-site and be shuttled in. It is also costing $20 to park which I think is a little nuts. According to the FB group the whole parking situation is insane.

It should be good times (minus the parking). Unfortunately pictures will probably not be taken with me as this is not a iPhone friendly race 🙂

Afterwards we are heading back home for dinner and then going to see ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ – my first movies that don’t involve babies since Max was born. It is going to be good!!

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  1. Heather

    Have fun!! I’ve always wanted to do something like this!!


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