Staying Cool in the Heat

It seems that summers in Ottawa seem to be getting on the hot side. This week the temperatures are up in the low 30’s again. Leaving my air-conditioned building late yesterday afternoon was a bit of a shock to the system. I am very thankful that I have a workplace that is very comfortable in this heat. Last year I did not and it was awful. You always felt lethargic and didn’t want to do much. That and I probably spent too much buying buying Passion-tea lemonade from Starbucks.



Running has also been a bit of an issue. I am working during the day so I am not going out for afternoon runs. With only 30 odd minutes for lunch, I don’t have any time to go out at lunch (let alone eat most of the time). The morning are busy, so no go there as well. This leaves basically the late evening. I went for a run last night after putting Max to bed. I went for a 4K tempo run and I was a sweaty mess by the end of it!  I did see some people running yesterday at 4pm and I thought they were nuts!  The best thing to do is run when you feel comfortable and stay hydrated. If you feel like crap, turn around!


My house is air-conditioned, but the top level gets pretty hot. What I’ve done in the past is take really cold showers right before bed, and get my hair wet as well. That at least gets me to sleep and usually during the night it cools off (sometimes…). Once we went away for a week and turned the A/C off. We came home at 2am and the house was 33 degrees. Worst.night.ever.

For sleeping I have taken the duvet off the bed and we just have a sheet and a light blanket. Duvets and humid days do not mix!  I also keep a fan running at night that mixes up the air and keeps the room pretty cool. During the day, all of our drapes are closed so that the sun doesn’t heat up the house. Max is pretty content sitting either in his diapers all day or just a onesie. For bedtime it depends on the heat, but last night he just stayed in his onesie.

Not going to lie – I really don’t enjoy these days unless I have access to a pool/lake. I prefer the nice days of 23 degrees and no humidity!!

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