Summer School is Done!

Today is the last day of summer school! It is an easy day of showing marks to the handful of kids that show up, assembling a package of paperwork that sits in an office in downtown in case anyone complains of said marks, and then eating a potluck lunch! I am bringing a veggie tray with hummus as a dip for my contribution.

Since this was my first month back at work off of maternity leave, there are a few things to reflect upon:

1) Television? What is that?

I have almost zero time for TV. I come home, nurse Max, eat dinner, go have a bath/play, put Max to bed and then work for a couple of hours. I maybe watch 10-15 minutes of TV if I’m lucky.

2) Routine, Routine, Routine

Although Max doesn’t have a set routine, we are slowly starting to evolve towards it. Although I don’t care what happens at night – mornings have to happen a certain way. However, once regular school starts up, I have a bit more freedom in the morning since CW doesn’t start til 9:15 (I start at 8:30 now). If something goes out of wack, I can become majorly late!

3) I am envious of anyone who has time to work out, go on runs, have free time.

Free time? What is that? Yeah… free time. I’ve had to re-schedule my hair appointment 3x this month because of it. However, interviewing daycares has had quite a bit to do with that as well. I haven’t been on a run since Warrior Dash nor have I worked out. For those of you that do have the time to work out, get nails done, go to a patio and have a drink – yeah….kinda hate you *just a little* (I am kidding though….)

Now saying all that, when I go back to school things will be a bit easier. I will be running with my Cross Country team – and since daycare is open til 5pm, if I want to start going to the gym or doing a run by myself, I can. The wonderful thing about working in the same neighbourhood that I live in, is that I can get a crazy amount accomplished before 5pm.

4) Insomnia is gone!

Not having as much trouble sleeping as I did. However, the lack of sleeping in on the weekends is a downer. I should also get in the habit of going to bet a bit earlier too.

5) Bit worried about the Fall

My worries are not about daycare or leaving Max or any of that stuff – it is the amount of work that needs to be done. Not only am I teaching new courses – but I am also taking a Ottawa U grad course, probably going back to orchestra and my coaching duties will be starting again. I will be very busy. I am *kinda* hoping that I stay part-time for the first bit or if I do take a third class on, it is something I have taught before.

All in all, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. If I wasn’t going away every weekend, I would have had a MUCH easier time. The time did go by fast – and I also don’t think that Max noticed that I was gone 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend


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