Three Things Thursday

Yesterday was a bit too chaotic to get a blog post in. But since it is Thursday, I just *have* to write a Three Things Thursday Post

1. We are in the process of finding a daycare for Max. It has been a very interesting process. Since neither P or I were in daycare as children (both of our Moms said home – well mine did during the day) we don’t really have anything to go on in terms of what to expect. We have visited a few, but kind of narrowed it down to two. Just checking on a couple things and we hope to get this figured out soon!  It is kind of sad that it is time for this already. Max will be starting daycare in a month, which gave me about 8.5 months of mat leave. It went by fast!

2. Saw the Dark Knight Rises on Saturday – oh my!  As usual this latest edition to the recent Batman Trilogy didn’t disappoint. I am impressed with Anne Hathaway’s performance of Catwoman and Bane’s voice still creeps me out! The ending left me wanting more and I am disappointed that there will be no more in this version of Batman.

3. Tried the Asiago and Artichoke dip made by President’s Choice – YUM. One of my lunch faves right now. I eat it with those baguette crackers. Delicious!



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