Weekend Re-cap

After the chaos that is the first three days of summer school, I pretty much just relaxed this weekend. We did have “some” fun though!

Paul has been in California for the past week, so on Friday I went and picked him up. It was still stinking hot outside. Saturday we went to Farm Boy and other miscellaneous shopping places, had Tomato-Basil Sausages for dinner and then dropped off my Mom at the aeroport for her flight home (she helped watch Max for the first days of summer school). Max was pretty chill, so we went to the Clocktower for a couple of beers afterwards. I tried the Wit beer (their summer brew for this year) and it was ok. I still like Kolsch the best though!

Sunday I went on a long run in the morning. There were lots of people out on the recreation trial, presumably to get a run/bike in before it got too hot. It is nice when everyone waves or nods to each other when passing. I am pretty sure I saw the Running Room long run group out on the path. Well it was either them, or some other large running group. I did a 9K run that took me awhile since it was a long run (and that means slowwww). It was a good run and this time I remembered to bring water with me.

We went to the farm yesterday and got our first big haul of the season. We bought raspberries, zucchini and green/yellow beans. I plan on making some beans for Max for his lunches this week…..yum!

Speaking of yum – I tried Kale Chips for the first time this weekend. I saw a bag of it at Farm Boy, so I decided to pick up a bag and try it. I definitely can taste what the fuss is about. They were pretty yummy, and I think I am going to try and make my own sometime soon.

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