Half-Marathon Training Update

Good Friday Morning to you!

The first week of August is now over, which means that the Army Run Half-Marathon will be here before I know it. The organizing folks at Army Run just released the route that we will be taking on September 23rd. It looks similar to last year, fairly flat route that comprises of running in both Ottawa and Gatineau. The ending of the race is the same 5K ‘along the canal’ route that I have run on several times. Overall it looks like a good route.

I have jumped back on the training wheel this week after missing most of last week. I did manage to get a 1.5K hilly-run in last week, but that was about it (too much to do at camp).  My long runs have sucked lately because I just simply do not get the time to go out for more than 1 hr running and if the heat is bad, I am NOT bringing Max along in the Chariot. To further complicate things, Sunday mornings are now church mornings. By the time church ended last Sunday, it was baking out, so I only managed to run in the evening.

I can comfortably run for 10K without a problem. I am not fast by any means, but I can do it. I would like to focus in the next 6 weeks on going past 16K. More long runs will have to happen!

Training this week:

– Sunday – 4K Steady Run

– Tuesday – 6K Steady Run

– Wednesday – Track workout (3K in total)

As long as the weather somewhat cooperates today, I will go on a 6-7K run today with Max. Although I am going away Friday night – Saturday Night, a long run WILL happen no matter what, rain or shine.

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