Max at 8 months!

Well, I kind of skipped 7 months, but whatever.

Max is 8 months old today and boy has he ever changed in the last few weeks. He is starting to become mobile, have more of a personality and becoming more and more like a big baby every day. The only thing about 8 months is that it is the start of daycare for him in two weeks 🙁 Oh well.

What Max can do:

– Army Crawl

– Crawl normally for a few crawls

– Sit up on his own

– Get on his tummy from sitting

– Stand up if holding on to something (huge issue right now – as that is what he wants to do now)

– Feed his bottle himself

– Go through his toy box and pick out his own toys

– Sit up in the car seat, chariot, whatever if he is unstrapped

– Say a few things like ‘ma, ba, geee, afldkjksldddd (blowing raspberry)’

– Reach for everything and anything

– Get out of his bumbo


Obviously the next big thing for him will be walking. He can stand up, but he is very un-easy when he does. He has had a couple of tumbles, but we are always within reach.

Speaking of that – because he knows he can move, that is all he wants to do. He hasn’t been in the bouncy chair for months, the bumbo is now dangerous and he doesn’t just sit and play with his toys anymore. So It has been a bit more of a struggle to do certain things. He still likes his exersaucer in the AM and doesn’t mind sitting in his high chair – so for now those things work.

Sleeping is still the same – bed by 8:30-ish, up anytime between 6:30-7:30. Naps at around 10am and 2pm. Nothing new to report.

Food – He has about 5 bottles of day and is still breast-fed when he wakes up. He has oatmeal and fruit for breakfast and a veggie and fruit for lunch. We will be starting with dinner in a couple of weeks. He has nibble on some chicken, but hasn’t had any big portions yet. He loves all food.

We do make some of our own food, but not lots. In the meantime we do use PC Organics, yummy!




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