Our Trip to California

We decided in the spring to visit P’s sister in California in August. P had to go down to LA in the beginning of July for business, but because I was to teach summer school, Max and I couldn’t go down then. So August it was!

We flew on Air Canada from Ottawa. The prices were a bit more steep this time, but still reasonable. Because we would be staying at my SIL, we didn’t have to pay for accomodations. Max doesn’t nap easily unless he is in his own crib or his car seat. We were very worried that he wouldn’t nap on the plane and become an ogre. Luckily he fell asleep three times on the way there and twice on the way back. He was a ham on the plane while awake: smiling and waving at people and (no joke) giving the flight attendant hand kisses. He was a pretty good traveller!


Our activities while in California were pretty low-key this time. We spent time with my SIL, went to a few stores (Target!), went to Oceanview Beach and went to the San Diego Zoo. Oceanview was a great little beach with nice sand, warm waters and a pier. Max enjoyed playing with wet sand and somewhat enjoyed the waves. The first couple of waves freaked him out, but he eventually got used to it and was smiling. While at the beach we stopped in at Ruby’s Diner and ate huge hamburgers and milkshakes, so fattening, but delicious!

The San Diego Zoo was ok. Because of the heat, the animals were pretty much just sleeping. We walked around and saw Zebras, Giraffes, Bears and Elephants. We had a crappy lunch (that was mucho $$$$) and attempted to see as much as we could. Then Mr. Max decided to rub his eyes with sunscreen-covered hands. We used waterproof non-baby sunscreen and we put it on his hands. We kind of forgot that sunscreen stings and Max went into a full-blown fit because his eyes hurt. We rinsed his eyes with water, but he was still might pissed off. So off to the car we went and we proceeded home. Oh well. The next day Max’s Aunt picked up some baby sunscreen.

One of my favorite shopping trips was to Trader Joes. Thanks to Fitnessista’s blog, I was curious about what that store was all about. Generally (for you Ottawa folk), it is like a smaller Farm Boy. TJ’s has tons of their own products, which features many organic and gluten-free choices. I picked up some Greek Yoghurt, Mango-pops and tomato paste. Tomato paste??? Yes, that is correct. In several of my recipes, it calls for only a bit of tomato paste – yet the only kind I can find here (easily) is in the small cans. TJ’s had tubes of it! I knew it existed since I saw Chef Michael Smith use it before. So in my basket it went!

We also went to one winery: Falkner Wineries. Unfortunately we chose to go on a Saturday and it was way too busy to go to more. Max and Daddy hung out outside while Mommy tasted some wine in order to make a purchase. I went home with a bottle of Luscious Lips (a table red: which is perfect for me) and a 2010 Sauvignon Blanc. If you are ever in South California, I strongly suggest you check out the Temecula Wine Region. Tons of small wineries featuring great wine and great food. Falkner has a great restaurant that serves lunch. If we didn’t have Max we would have eaten lunch for sure!¬†We also picked up a bottle of Liberty School and Red Truck at the TJ’s for a portion of what we would pay in Ontario.

All in all we had a great trip – Much thanks to P’s sister for having us down for the week!

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  1. Louise

    Loved having you in CA!

  2. Lisa

    Sounds like a great trip! Max is adorable. He’s going to be better traveled than I am before he hits five!


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