Three Things Thursday!

Happy Thursday! Canada just won the bronze in Women’s soccer/football, so everyone is happy! Yaaaay!

1. Track workout

Went to the high school nearest to me for a track workout. The track conditions were horrible yesterday. Not only was the track super soft from the downpour the previous night, but they seemed to have ‘groomed’ the track with the lawnmower. Meaning that there were grooves all over the place. The track was uneven. This is ankle spraining conditions. Luckily the very inside of the track was asphalt, so I ran on that instead (I was about to go to the parking lot).


2. Rain, Rain, Rain???

There has been a drought going on for the last two months. We are finally getting some rain. Actually, it is overcast right now and supposed to rain this afternoon. If it does, that will make 3 days of showers/thunderstorms in a row. The trees and plants say ‘thank you!’

3. Weekend Trip

We are going to somewhere different this weekend. It is an open house at our friend’s work. There hasn’t been an open house here for over a decade and the building has been closed to visitors. It is kind of a nerdy place. It is located about 15 minutes or so from Petawawa. Last hint: you probably don’t want to go fishing in the Ottawa River by this place.

Where am I going???

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  1. Kristen

    Are you going to go see the nuclear reactor? Where they make medical isotopes? I lived and breathed a project on the medical use of Tc99, the isotope they make at Chalk River, last year…

    1. Rebecca

      I am! We are not allowed in the ‘active area’ unfortunately. But it should still be cool – first time in over a decade they are letting people in. It will also be nice to see where my friends work!


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