Three Things Thursday!

Happy Thursday!!

It is a long weekend coming up – Hope everyone is doing something fun. September will be here before we know it.

1. Daycare is done

We settled on a daycare last week. Max will be starting during the last week of August. The family is really nice, including the three kids. The numbers in the daycare are fairly small (only 3 I think..) and they are really flexible about summers. Max will be going to daycare part-time in the summer as there are days that we really need to get things done plus I would really like him to keep up with ‘his friends’. The daycare lady prefers having a relaxing summer with her kids so she doesn’t mind one bit. The daycare is a bit of a trek from my house (and by trek I mean 5 minutes or so), but it will put me close to a Starbucks/the gym.


2. Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Well Done Danny Boyle! Other than the making out part in the Music section, I thought the Opening Ceremonies were great. The lighting of the flame was probably the best one I’ve seen since Lillehammer. The James Bond and the Queen section was absolutely hilarious. It was also neat to be tweeting at the time with Justyn Warner (100m sprints – wasn’t able to go because of training) and Perdita Felicien (at home because…well, you know). The ‘Twitter Olympics’ has definitely put a big spin on things. But, I was on Twitter then and was tweeting. I remember making fun of the Vancouver Head of Olympics guy’s French at one point.

3. Downloading Mountain Lion 

Because I bought my iMac in mid-June, I received a free copy of Mountain Lion. So far, no big changes: but I like iMessage on my computer and the Reminders app. The Facebook integration isn’t happening yet, but quite frankly I don’t care about that at all. The big thing for me is iCloud. I use my iPad quite a bit for school, so I do like the new ‘save on iCloud’ feature. I don’t think my MacBook (which will be my school computer – since the chances of me having my own cpu at school are slim) will be able to update to ML (Lion required a RAM update), but I think I can just access files via the iCloud website.

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