Three Things Thursday: California Edition

Happy Thursday! Since it is Three Things Thursday time and I just got back from California, I figured that today’s theme should be California-based.


Three Things I learned in California

1.  When ordering lunch at the Cheesecake factory: the portions are giant sized. 

My plan was to order a small meal for lunch, followed by a piece of cheesecake. I have only been to the Cheesecake factory a handful of times, and once again I fell for its over-sized portion madness. I ordered a lunch sized pizza and salad. I was expecting a small pizza with a small dish of salad. What I got was a full-sized salad and a big pizza! I finished most of the pizza, but not even half of the salad. The cheesecake had to be ‘to-go’. Seriously, next time I will just be getting a ‘small plate’ of whatever and a cheesecake.

2. Cheap wine tastes like cheap wine

I was amazed that all the grocery stores had $2-4 bottles of wine. This is unheard of in Canada. Most of our ‘cheap wine’ is around $8 a pop. So we figured we would try a $3 bottle of organic wine from Trader Joes.

Yuck! Tasted like perfume.

We did come home with 4 bottles of ‘more expensive’ wine – still cheap by Ontario standards, but pricey for the U.S.


3. Max will sleep on a plane!

I was a little concerned that Max would not sleep on the plane. At home he only likes to sleep in his crib or in the car. No naps on the lap for him! Luckily he took 3 naps on the way there and two on the way back. He freaked out big time on the LAX-YYZ flight for the first 30 minutes or so, but then napped for over an hour.


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  1. Heather

    He looks so cute in that pic!!!

    1. Rebecca

      He is a ham for pictures! I think I have a model-child


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