Three Things Thursday – Fear Edition

Hoping everyone is having a great Thursday morning! It is hard to believe that August is half over. Fastest summer ever! I also believe that my 9 months of Maternity leave went by awfully fast. Oh well….

Three Things Thursday is a bit different this week. Instead of my random three things, today’s post is about three of my fears!

Fear #1 – Lightning

I fear lightning in a bad way. Normally I believe that I am a calm person (most of the time), but when a storm comes in, I get all nervous and edgy. To clarify, I am not afraid of lightning when I am in a car or in a big building. It is essentially only when I am outside or at home. At home it doesn’t bug me too much, I’m just afraid that it will hit the house and make a loud noise. When I am outside, it is all about getting struck. I know the statistics and know how to somewhat be safe – but I still get rather nervous. I also tend to get a bit bitchy when I hear random ‘lightning can/can’t do this’ facts that are incorrect. My favorite was last summer when P said that lightning can’t get me when we are in a tent – a couple of weeks later, lightning struck a tent in a camp ground just outside Ottawa and the man died. Apparently P was trying to hide that news story from me that day…

Fear #2 – Bees

Bees freak me out. I will run away screaming if one gets close. During our camping trip a couple of weeks ago, bees were everywhere! I did keep cool most of the time. I have been stung before, so I know it isn’t too bad. I just don’t want to be stung again!

Fear #3 – The Dark

I think this is because in the dark, without my glasses on I cannot see a thing! Actually, scratch that, even with the glasses, I cannot see a thing! Not a fan of the dark – especially outdoors. I’m good if I have my flashlight/head-lamp though. It does freak me out when I am camping/staying at a cottage and you can see nothing but darkness.

There you have it, three fears! What are yours?

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  1. steve wemyss

    How about the dreaded “cardboard bahhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhaaaaa
    and oh yes yip, yip, yips……bahhh haaaaa

  2. steve wemyss

    fear # 4 clowns haha


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