Attack of the Squirrel!

So I had another post planned for today, but yesterday afternoon a squirrel decided to come visit and of course, I must document it in my blog!

This weekend was the Gatineau air show and since I live directly across the river from the airport, the neighbourhood was buzzing with all sorts of plane noise. I love air shows so I do look forward to any type of air show. On Saturday I could hear the CF-18 roaring around and caught a glimpse of the Snowbirds. Speaking of the Snowbirds, they put on quite a show right over my school on Friday, what a treat! Anyhoo, on Sunday after my run, I opened up the patio door so I could hear the planes. When we open the door, we keep the screen door closed. However during the day/when Max isn’t crawling around, it is unlocked.

It was Max’s lunchtime, so we were sitting in the dining room slurping some creamed corn when I could hear a patio screen rattling. I thought that it must be next door and that the doggy was playing around with the screen. After a few seconds I hear it again and so I went to investigate. Much to my surprise, there was a squirrel at the door, which was now almost an inch opened.



I shooed it away and closed/locked the screen door. I hear it again and decide to take some pictures. All that was separating me and the squirrel was a screen and it didn’t care one bit that I was snapping pictures. After a few seconds it decided to jump on the screen and run around. I probably said some sort of swear and then closed the glass door.



Thought it was gone – nope! It returned again and decided to run around the screen again.

What a crazy squirrel!!


Max says “AGAIN AGAIN!!!”


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  1. steve wemyss

    max’s first pet


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