Happy Friday + Who are you?

I will probably post again later tonight with updates on the Army Run pack pick-up and Expo – but just a short post to start the day!

I am hoping to make it downtown after class today to go pick up my race kit, but it depends if I get out in time. I have to pick up Max around 4:30, so it gives me some time to make it downtown via OCTranspo (might drive though…). I don’t really want to go down tomorrow, so if I don’t get out, I will go after dinner.


So I do know quite a few of you either in real life or online. But there are some people who view this blog that I’m unsure of who they are. Sometimes I get the funniest ‘google search’ hits. Paul Plakas Baby comes up quite often. No, Max is not Paul Plakas’ baby! I also get many hits regarding dirty classrooms. So I don’t think I’m the only person who finds classrooms a lil gross.

So a few things:

1) Have we met on Twitter yet? No – add me! @RebeccaRuns

2) Have we met on Facebook yet? No – like me on Facebook

3) Leave a comment at the bottom of this post introducing yourself!


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