Happy Labour Day!

It is the last long weekend of the summer! School starts tomorrow!

Not going to do a big post today as I have a million things to do today with school/work starting up tomorrow. Also, Max decided that 5:30am was a great time to wake up, so I am a bit tired this morning.

Yesterday I went for a ‘longer’ run of 11K. I was actually very steady for the entire distance, hovering at the 7:25 mark. There were lots of people on the path – cyclists, runners, man on a unicycle…..

The distance felt ok. My cardio was fine – no huffin’ and puffin’. I completed the run by using the ’10 and 1′ method (10 minutes of running, 1 minute of walking) and that worked out well. The only part that has me a bit worried was the little aches I felt in my knees. I am not hurting right now, but it hurt a bit while running. Not sure what that is about. Anyways, again if it wasn’t for time, I could have gone longer for sure!

Everyone have a great Labour Day and hope you are doing something fun!



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